13 Reasons To Say HOLY SH*T!!!

#1 This is a big ass catfish! What the heck has it been eating all these years??? GEEZ!

#2 This is a crazy looking sound system. You could literally rattle the entire neighborhood with this system. I feel sorry for this guy's neighbor.

#3Damn looks like they got the entire family together to grab this huge rattlesnake! Look at the guy in the far right he isnt too happy holding the end tail...lol!

#4Jesus christ thats a huge joint...I would pass out for weeks taking a hit on THAT one!

#5They need to nominate this old hag as the bartender/waitress of the year! Look at how many mugs shes holding !

#6This picture is too wrong...I surely hope it was not on a commercial flight...seriously.

#7GTFO! That is one big ass bear...WTF is it doing in a 9 hole golf course??? Can someone say Beardie!

#8That's one pissed off looking bull! I hope he has good medical insurance to cover his "ass."

#9This looks like a scene from Final Destination 3...I could be wrong...but damn this just looks crazy!

#10This guys is one werid MOFO! I would never EVER have a snake in my mouth nor have it protruding through my booger hole!

#11This guy is one huge MOFO! Joe Weider You need put this guy on contract...THIS GUY CAN FLY!

#12Those are some big ass feet. I wonder who spent the time to make something like that?

#13This is a just a crazy picture to look at...look at that chick with her head sticking out...she must of scared sh*tless!

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