A bar inside a tree

Tourists have started to flock to this unusual tree in Limpopo, South Africa, not because this tree just might be one of the largest and oldest living things on the planet, but because there is always a frosty brew waiting for those who come inside.

Carbon dating have placed the age of the Baobabb Tree at around 6,000 years -- roughly before the Pyramids at Giza were built. When Baobabbs are about 1,000 years old they begin to hollow naturally and it's within this hollow that the aptly named Big Baobabb Pub is located.

The pub can comfortably sit fifteen people although the owners admit to having over 50 at a time for special occasions. The tree is still sturdy with walls measuring about 6.5 feet thick.

The tree even has its own cellar with plenty of ventilation to keep the beer cold.

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