Local war supporter got punched in face as a pre-emptive measure, sorry.

Yeah, I punched you in the face, unprovoked, as I walked by your car with the lame-assed pro-war stickers on the rear window.
But, hey....I was MERELY being pre-emptive.
How was I to know if you'd attack me or not?
You seemed to hate my freedoms, from what I imagined.
I dunno, dude, I just SNAPPED and it all came together, like a grand epiphany:
"I must stop the people who are saying 'ok' to senseless death, the "Patriot" Act and the dissolution of our inalienable rights, given to us in the Constitution."
What puzzled me after your nose immediately blurted blood was my want to try and help you up.
But instead I coldly walked on as if you mattered little or at all.
'WTF is wrong with me?' I thought.
Like a kid brother who does stupid shit, I was merely correcting your behavior, as YOU would have seen fit. I cannot take full accountability for my actions. Your president does not and I am merely trying to follow in his greatness. I wish you could see it from MY angle...
Violence solves violence, as your bumper sticker truly implied.
I hope your nose is ok.
Freedom of speech is kinda dead now, so.....I was MERELY trying to explain this to you in a way you could totally understand.
I guess we DON'T have to defend each other's rights to say what we wanna say.
So, I was MERELY showing you the pitfalls of diluting the 1st Amendment via the Patriot Act.
What I did was wrong - 100%. No question about it.
I apologize, but....cannot take full responsibility or accountability for my actions or inactions.
At the very least...I am walking the path you see fit to walk.
Hey, at least I can apologize. Certain people won't.

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